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Our All New Gear Tray is here
Our exclusive Gear Rack System is here so you can build it YOUR WAY!
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The Jeep JK 2 door Gear Rack System is a great way to organize your gear.
Secure your gear and optimize space in your Jeep.
It can be configured in so many different ways.

Gear Tray for 2 Door Jeeps Mounting Plates and Bolts come with the Tray

The Gear Tray itself comes with the mounting plates and bolts,
all other accessories are sold individually so you can
customize your tray for that perfect fit.

Bottle Rack for the Gear Tray Bottle Rack Installed

You can use the weld on brackets, the short roll bar mount
Weld On Brackets for the Gear Tray Short Roll Bar Mounts for the Gear Tray
or the aluminum mounts on the roll bar behind the seat belt bolts,
Easy to install Long Roll Bar Mounts
so there is no drilling or welding to install the racks.

2 Soft Top Disconnects 4 Soft Top Disconnects
Also they’re hinged at the soft top mounts so you can
gain access to the top rack easily.

Gain access to your gear easily Gear Tray Installed on a 2 Door Jeep

Arrange the modular components to your liking Rear Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Spring Loaded Pins Towel Rack for the Gear Tray

Top Bracket (L&R) w/4 Bolts Mounting Plates for a 4 Door Jeep

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Our All New Gear Tray is here